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Eric Brown - The Second Act Entrepreneur

Management & Marketing

One man's ideas that transformed an industry.

The gap between the Haves and the Have Nots continue to widen, so they say. The middle class has evaporated, so they say, or Is it Just Wrapped Differently? I feel for folks out of work, as some jobs may never return. But for every job that has vanished ten more opportunities have popped up. If you have been in the Line of Fire, A Causality of Corporate Downsizing; Are You Aware Enough to See the Boundless Opportunities? Is Now the Time to Launch Your Big Idea? 

I am staring down the barrel of 60 birthdays and wondering, “What’s Next”? Have You wondered that, even at 50 birthdays or 45 birthdays? The anxiety in your core is real. Maybe You have earned your stripes, yet no one really wants You now. Maybe You have yet to create anything noticeable. You need to work, You need a job. For many of us coined Baby Boomers, Life After Sixty might look a different than we imagined. 

We spend money like drunken sailors on lead generation. Our businesses rely on new business. More is better, right? We love marketing ideas. We need more leads. We need to grow the business.

We don’t like customer service. Said differently, we do not like the cost associated with customer service. Heck, take that a bit further, how many of our operating budgets have a line item for customer service. In smaller businesses, they typically don’t.

As a business owners, we have this fantasy that we are doing everything right, so there isn’t a cost for customer service as long as we are all doing our jobs. Our staff will perform consistently and fairly and they will do everything right. Although I am exaggerating, how many of you really do set a side a budget for things that go wrong? How many business actually allow the front line to “fix the problem?” Sure, there are a few companies that have set aside front-line allowances, but most of us want to have input on just how the problem gets solved, all in an effort to reduce the cost of solving it.