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Eric Brown - The Second Act Entrepreneur
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What is Enough?

I have been thinking a lot about “Enough” since post retirement last July. I have had interest in minimalism and permaculture for a while too. I certainly have plenty of time now to think “Enough” through and to practice. The more I read about it, the more distasteful things seem. Let’s start with “We Trade Time For Money”. With that everything has a certain trade off, but do we really think that through? As I further contemplate this, I find myself agitated with The Way Things Are. The White Man Syndrome, Working for the Man Syndrome, And for the Love of Pete, Your Employer Doesn’t Care About You, or at least many, maybe most don’t. Some give better lip service than most. But in the end, The almighty dollar outpaces people. But thats why “Corporations” were invented,………To hide behind the curtain. Am I still a capitalist Thinker, Yes and No, I believe to my core, Small Business IS the Answer,…….And America was built on that, Big Business seems intoxicated on itself.

We Are All In The Line

I have this image in my Journal, and peer at it daily, Not as a reminder of Death, but a reminder of Life. You see, We traverse our days, “Acting As If” we have control, “We Are Making Things Happen” Except we aren’t, Perhaps ‘Surrender” is the only answer, LetGo,………And Be,………And Be,……..And Be. But what does that mean? 

Transitions; Sometimes Forced Sometimes Choice

So it was the 3rd week of July-2021 when I met with my partners of one of the Boutique Apartment Portfolio’s that we manage, only to learn that they were taking management in house. The next week, although we were credited 30-Days to the end of August-2021. Our 30-Day Termination Letter came the next day. So to say it wasn’t a shock is an understatement. Even though I knew it was coming, I wasn’t ready, except I was. Nine  months have passed since that fateful day. There was much work to do to liquidate much of the office stuff, and my personal stuff for the move from my downtown Royal Oak Apartment to the OffGrid Cabin in Atlanta MI. And there was the Sale and Move from the our Cottage. Paid off the cottage and sold the cottage all in the sale month, which helped fund the transition.

And so it began, and further evolved the UrbaneFarm Brand; Sauces, Spices, Rubs and Art Business at TheDepot, in Downtown Lakeview, OH, then the Grill Trailer to launch BackAlley Eatzz this spring 2022. The purchase of the larger, new RV, that will now become my summer home at Indian Lake. A lot has unfolded in 9-months, I take a bow, and Rest in Gratitude, and Universe Support. Today, I rest and reflect,…. And, one year ago, I started to think about What is Enough? I still have much work to do as I peel back my addictions,……………..I am Grateful for the Journey,…….But even though I thought I would pull the trigger, I didn’t, someone or something Fired First. More on that later,…………..

My Second Act Entrepreneur

The start of a new lifestyle, that can be most anything I want. I am OK with a SimpleLife, and have Everything I Need, We all do really, particularly when you align Expenses. But this isn’t about the money, It’s about the Lifestyle, what I want, how I want to feel, and what my days look like through my sixties and beyond. I want a SimpleLife.. I have envisioned for decades to start my day early each morning in the gardens, I am looking forward to living at Indian Lake this Spring, Summer and Fall in the new RV. It will be a SimpleLife, Quiet, zipping around on the Vespa. Starting a Community Garden, trying my hand at CutFlowers, I will be spending my early mornings In the Garden and my late mornings on work items, business related stuff. I will spend my afternoons reading, writing, studying, and yes, napping.

I also plan to try and build a successful Hot Dog Business, Back Alley Eatzz, working Thursday and Friday late afternoons, and Saturdays. May do some catering gigs on Sundays, we shall see. This could unfold into a small shop in the back of TheDepot. I see the HotSauce Business growing to hundreds of brands, that could be part of the BackAlley Eatzz Space. Being at the lake full time in 2022 allows many opportunities to see the grandkids, spending afternoons on the lake, writing and reading. Nights at the RV with a CampFire, Keeping it a SimpleLife. I plan to build hiking and walking into my everyday routine, hitting 100 miles a month, along with Zen Meditation. I hope to grow most of my own food in 2022, and transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle. I hope to have Community Canning, and fill the shelves with Winter Food.  

I plan to spend the Fall and Winter at the OffGrid Cabin, Practicing “Enough”. With some extra cash flow this spring and summer, I will build out the Shed/GreenHouse, Larger Windows, Roof Rain Capture and Interior Finish, allowing me to really enjoy the space in the Fall and Winter of 2022/2023. Do I go somewhere for the Winter of 2023, or hunker down at the Cabin? It gives me time to enjoy the space and plan the ReTreat Development for 2023. 

Eric is an Entrepreneur, Writer/Published Author, Real Estate Developer and an Apartment Operator. You can get his book, The Second Act Entrepreneur on Amazon Here;