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9/27/21 Grayling MI RV

8:35AM A short walk to capture the SunRise. What if that is the most important thing I do today? How will that feel?

What do I want to do today? This week? This month? Stay Simple, Have Fun,……..

Things to ponder……….. Get out in nature. Shake this dizzy head that has plagued me the last couple days. Invite it White Light to heal and balance my system. Stay Simple, Have Fun,……….

Thrown from the Nest, or The Net?

It’s been about six weeks since we wound down the property management business for our Urbane Apartment Brand. It seems like six years. We are still actively managing 3-Properties, soon to go to 5-properties for a development we started in Palmer Park, but the day to day property management for over a dozen assets was handed off to our long time partner’s nephew on 8/1/21.

Yeah, It’s more than a little strange. Working steady 60-hours a week for four decades to sitting in a chair in the woods staring outward has been a shift in thinking. Much more on that as this unfolds. We have moved from our Urbane Office, and set up shop on site in a unit in Palmer Park. I have moved from my Royal Oak Apartment to an Off Grid Cabin UpNorth. Although I have practiced minimalism to a small degree for several years, this recent move accelerates that lifestyle. So far, I like it, but it will take a bit of time to digest.

Moving from downtown Royal Oak to pure nature deep in the woods has more than a few stark differences. Simple things, at night it is dark, very dark. It is eerily quiet, other than the wind, birds and nature. Suddenly, there is a lot of time to think,……a lot. I am enjoying that, all the while being careful to keep any overwhelm at bay. Many days, I don’t know what I am supposed ToDo. I have programed my pattern of behaviour to be a Human Doer for several decades, now attempting to Be, A HumanBeing. It is a harder shift than I thought. How long can you stare into the woods? Days actually,……

I traverse back to town for business, every couple weeks to see the Palmer Park Crew, and check in with the partnership. I am also spending a fair amount of time in OH, at a small lake where my older kids and grandkids live and where I grew up. One of my daughters has a retail shop, that I have a space to sell stuff as a side hustle. I am honing skills at the resale business. We will see how that unfolds over time, working on puttering around with a display of Hot Sauces, Fish Sauce (an old relationship from the StreetEatzz 313 Foodie Sauce days) BBQ Sauce, Various Salsas, Rubs and Gourmet Season Salts. Talking through how to add Kim’s, (my partner), Pasta Sauce, to the line-up, and maybe Meatballs and Lasagna frozen in small containers. I am also working on adding a simple Grill Trailer, to attend Farmers Markets, Festivals and Weekend Events, selling Breakfast Sandwiches, Brats, Polish Sausage and Chicago Dogs. We will also have a small stand for the Sauces, Rubs and Salsa’s in addition to the space in Brenda’s Storefront. Maybe boost monthly sales by a few hundred big ones in season, plus it would be fun. That perhaps is the most important ingredient, Fun and Simple.

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