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Eric Brown - The Second Act Entrepreneur
Reading Time: 3 minutes 10/24/21 BlogPost Transition affects us all in different ways, but there is no denying that those of us that identify ourselves by the brands we built, or our business, or our work, take a hard fall when things wind down. Sometimes we may not be aware we are experiencing a series of transitions simultaneously. Change […]
Reading Time: 3 minutes 10/17/21 Blog Post I am taking a Modern Elder Academy Course to help bridge the gap of closing much of our Urbane Management Business, and coming off of 60-Hour Workweeks for four decades to  staring off into the woods for hours on end at my new living space. I have a few layers of “Transitions” […]
Reading Time: 3 minutes 10/8/21 Blog Post What a blessed morning at the OffGrid Cabin, the rain is a splendid sound of nature. A great day to rest, write and read. Perhaps start organizing the shelves and bins, and unpack a few containers. Maybe set up the loft shelves. The Pressed Coffee is a wonderful treat this morning. Yesterday’s […]